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What makes a great carer?

What makes a great carer?

What makes a Great Carer?

Carers are known for showing genuine care and concern for others, often spending more time caring for those around them or within their family. They often have sensitivity when spotting and catering to vulnerable people with higher needs or with difficulty communicating. Showing support for those who need it means treating people with the dignity and respect everyone deserves in a positive and encouraging manner whilst always promoting independence is the very core of care.

What are the benefits of working in Care?

Caring for those around us is a highly attentive and person-centered role, no matter where you work. For that reason, it can create warmth and a sense of security for people who may not have it otherwise and of course, it’s incredibly rewarding when you can see and feel the difference you make in someone’s lives – no matter how big or small!

Communication is key within the care sector and that extends to personal values for carers. There needs to be a basis for respect and understanding for people who need some friendly encouragement to tend to their daily activities and tasks, whilst always keeping in mind someone’s best interests. Often, visits from carers can be the only human interaction someone might receive so it’s absolutely vital to consider how impactful it can be – positivity and kind words go a long way for someones well being and this is as important for those we care for. When working in a team, this provides a smooth running effort and gives staff a better sense of belonging and involvement.

Traits a great carer will possess 

  • Provide positive, helpful support 
  • Balanced or calming persona
  • Good listener
  • Caring personality
  • Attentive to needs
  • Reliable worker
  • Understanding of different values or preferences
  • Adaptable to working situations
  • Enjoys a flexible working schedule

Understanding goals

As people experience progressive mental strains with age, like dementia for example, it becomes much harder to understand certain things or keep track of day to day goings on so the ability to remain patient and considerate is vital for carers. When a level of understanding and respect has been clearly established between carer and the resident or client, a bond is formed which is ideal – both content and friendly. This can be a highly valued interaction, which can really brighten someones day and a great opportunity to make someone feel a little better. 

A Career in Care

The impact of working in Care is a truly rewarding experience and training encourages growth and positivity for those involved. It provides a varied schedule and interesting people to meet too. There is a distinct level of satisfaction that carers achieve by forming relationships with support users and maintaining that standard with someone. Great carers ability to go above and beyond expectations and receive feedback, both personal and in respect to residents and clients, is necessary. The achievement and active involvement in helping others is something that is so rewarding in itself and that’s why it remains one of the most popular career paths, with so many great opportunities to progress.