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As providers ourselves, we understand the challenges you are facing with recruitment and retention of staff. We’d like to help you find solutions, and work in partnership with other key agencies to save you time and attract staff with the values you need.


We know what its like- you haven’t got the time to post one job ad on multiple different sites to reach a large audience!

If you have an advert you’d like to be circulated, click the link below to send us your details and we’ll do the hard work for you.

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There are some great agencies and resources out there, that you may not have used or heard of before. Did you know that Proud to Care offer a 1-1 service, and can even rewrite your job adverts to help you reach the right people?  We’ve got a library of resources to share and an understanding of some government initiatives you can use.

Get creative

Now is the time to think outside the box. We’re in touch with local colleges, universities and companies who will advertise your vacancies! You may offer your existing staff apprenticeships, but have you thought of recruiting an apprentice through your local college? We can help.

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