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Supporting wellbeing and positivity within care

Supporting wellbeing and positivity within care

We can all relate when discussing how difficult the pandemic proved for both the care sector, and for personal wellbeing. As we continue to face tough times, it’s as important as ever to hold staff wellbeing as a main priority. Caring is such a natural part of our lives and as a career, an extremely rewarding role. With this in mind, sometimes other parts of life can take a backseat or fall behind. How do we support staff to feel like they have a balanced life, whilst building resilience and eventually thrive within the care environment?

Wellbeing is not something that should be considered as a one-time consideration. It’s important that providers, bosses and staff alike should be reflecting on these aspects of work more than just on a Mental Health Awareness day. The main aspects or categories of wellbeing could be split into the following categories; Health, Good work, Values and Principles, Social, Personal growth, Good lifestyle choices, and financial wellbeing. 

Understanding wellbeing

Looking at areas in which people struggle can be a good starting point. Some questions to consider;

  • Are employees getting enough supervisions and one to one support?
  • Do you offer a wellness program or assistance program?
  • What are your staff benefits?
  • How can you build teams to support each other better?
  • What is wellbeing to you and how do you achieve it?

These can be great conversation starters and offer valuable insight into your staffs needs and how you can help. You can then communicate these findings with the staff and look at multiple options to help.

As a provider, what can I do to help support employees wellbeing?

There are lots of options, which could arise from discussing this with your employees, however here are a few tips to get you started and the ball rolling;

  • Providing wellness books, or tips, online resources
  • Newsletters and internal communications to provide closer involvement
  • Provide information on key awareness days and activities 
  • Encourage activities within the team e.g team building
  • Introduce wellbeing champions to provide empowerment in role
  • HR resources and communications

Engaging employees is key! Staff are happier when they feel valued, and like a key part of the team. Providing great opportunities helps, as this provides more involvement and further fulfillment. This has a fantastic echo effect when you have positivity within your working environment and across the areas of management too! Looking after employees is also vital, to a well run company.

WSPiC Accolades – nominate your care heroes!

It’s that time of year again, when we ask you to nominate the care heroes in social care so if now is the perfect time to show your appreciation for your employees and colleagues! The past three years have been incredibly challenging for the sector, but it has also shown how hardworking, resilient and dedicated our workforce is. Every year we are honoured to have the opportunity to read some of the most inspiring stories and share the best of them at our annual award ceremony. This year will be bigger and better than ever- we’re going all out! The glittering ceremony will be an evening event with plans well underway for a night to remember.

Each category recognises the varied and vital roles played in social care. They provide the opportunity to recognise each individual’s hard work and dedication to their service and the people they care for. 

This year we have made it even easier for you to nominate and meet the criteria for each category. You can either click the link on this page for an online form, or download the nomination form to email us.