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Raising awareness of modern slavery

Raising awareness of modern slavery

Named Contact for any pan-Sussex modern slavery concerns: Steve Morton, Pan-Sussex Anti-Slavery Network.

 [email protected]

Unfortunately, there have been cases of people who have come to work in the care industry in the UK who are experiencing modern slavery. The most common indicators of modern slavery experienced are given below:

• Had to pay fees during recruitment process.

• Been deceived about the nature of the job role, hours and pay.

• Worked excessively long hours.

• Received little or no pay.

• Paid less than hours worked.

• Been deducted money from pay for, for example, fees or accommodation.

• Been told money is owed to the employer.

• Had to work without the correct equipment or training.

• Felt trapped and unable to leave the job.

• Been forced to work through fear, threats of repercussions, (for example, loss of work, loss of job, reported to authorities, returned home)

• Been subjected to physical, verbal, or psychological abuse from employer.

• Been controlled (for example, no freedom of choice, being told what to say)

• Been asked to hand over, or not been in possession of own identity documents, including passport, visas, biometric residence permits (BRPs).

• Only allowed to stay in accommodation provided by employer (cannot choose where to live)

• Lived in overcrowded accommodation Had to share a room with someone previously not known, and had no choice who to share with

• Been made to distrust authorities in the UK.

If you, or anyone you know, has ever experienced one or more of these common indicators, you may be a victim of modern slavery. This is not acceptable, it is against the law, and we want to identify and support all those who may be affected.