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Peer support for managers and social care staff

Peer support for managers and social care staff

Peer support and its importance for all staff and colleagues is hugely important, especially in social care. Whether you work in a care home, or for a home care company – we understand the need for connection and support within your working environment. Keeping staff happy and appreciated means we can work to the best of our ability, whilst ensuring safe and content residents and supported people.

Feeling happy and fulfilled at work helps towards a fundamentally important goal – to have a strong workforce, who are dedicated and managing their work well. Peer support is a big element of this and so it’s a great place to start addressing, if there are ways to improve.

During the pandemic, we were often isolated (outside of work) and of course this impacted our wellbeing. Although we still face challenges within the ongoing pandemic, we have the hindsight to ensure support is as widespread as possible when it is needed the most.

Managers have worked tirelessly to support their teams, working against the covid outbreaks, staff shortages and lockdowns. We understand this has been an extremely difficult last few years, and hope that we can brighten the future for both managers and staff alike with access to ongoing, vital support.

WSPiC Registered Managers Forums + Resources

As you may be aware, WSPiC run registered managers forums every 3 months, as a concentrated source of support and wonderful opportunity to voice concerns/issues/seek support. After our first ‘in person’ event in over two years in July, we have all fingers crossed to continue this way!

Video recordings of our mangers forums are available online, as well as a whole host of other resources like current topics, patron spotlights, downloadable PowerPoint slides and opportunities to give us feedback or answer any further questions.

SCARRF Resources

Sussex Care Association’s R&R Framework – SCARRF – aims to support the wellbeing of registered managers in adult social care. 

SCARRF says; no one should underestimate the effects of the last couple of years on our industry, but we know that some of the issues faced have been there for a while and were just polarised by the pandemic. In recognition of the work, you do for us all, the Sussex Care Associations have designed a framework of support for registered managers working in adult social care in Sussex.

Skills For Care Resources

Skills for Care know all about the importance of wellbeing and connecting with others. They facilitate a number of groups and forums to support those working in social care settings so we recommend using their wonderful services! 

Skills for Care is the membership body for registered managers in England. Registered manager membership gives members a range of benefits and access to resources, support, discounts and a monthly newsletter too! Members speak highly of the services provided and say it very much contributes to their happy and healthy workplace – great news, with 97% of members recommending the membership to others.