Workforce Development

One of our strategic aims is to improve care provider Workforce Development across the county. We champion those that take the time to improve themselves at our annual Care Accolades Awards, and work hand in hand with West Sussex County Council’s (WSCC) learning and development team to shape the training offer that they provide to external care providers of all shapes and sizes.
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West Sussex Care Accolades Awards

We meet with the WSCC learning and development team to shape the provision of the learning and development offer available to West Sussex care providers. If you feel that something is missing from the courses on offer, or if you think something could be done more effectively, please contact us as we are here to represent your views.

23% of adult social care staff in West Sussex are over 55 with only 11% under 25. The PVI Sector in West Sussex makes up approximately 90% of care and support providers in the area and involves around 23,000 people.
(sourced by SfC MNDS-Social Care)

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