Free conversation tool from Alive

The charity Alive launched a free conversation tool to support relatives, friends or carers in their relationships with people who are living with dementia. Based in Bristol, Alive works in over 100 care settings with thousands of older people across West Sussex, delivering creative activity sessions and training their carers.

Alive say, "We often see people living with dementia become socially isolated, lonely and depressed through lack of engagement, all too often the families and friends of loved ones can feel alone too, knowing that their relationships are going to change, so Alive wanted to do something to support and help. Initial trials of the cards were piloted with people living with dementia and their families, friends, carers and care groups, and feedback from the trial was overwhelmingly positive. Families reported that the questions “prompted humour, memory-searching, emotion but mostly pleasure and pride”. They allowed people to find out more about a person’s life and feel closer to them at a time when, so often, families feel like they are losing the person they knew.

We have already had a great reception from the cards, local press are featuring the news, as well as many major national care sector publications (Care Home professional, Care and Nursing Times, Nursing and Residential Care, etc). The fleet of Admiral nurses funded by Dementia UK are also rolling out the guides, as well as a number of care homes and care providers. Bristol City council are posting the link to the cards on their website next week so that local people can get the free help.

We are keen to spread the word far and wide, so if you would be able to share the news and link through your contacts or feature it as a free resource on your website then that would really help us to reach more people.

The cards can be downloaded for free online at

The pdf attached is just for your viewing, we’d like people to download the cards by following the link above so that we can monitor the number of people using them and potentially ask them for feedback to see how they are working. We would appreciate any support you are able to give to their circulation to support more families of people living with dementia in West Sussex."