Recent weather warnings are predicting thunderstorms in various places across the UK. Changes in weather are known to trigger asthma attacks, particularly in children and young people, says Asthma UK.

What can you do to support people and young people with their asthma?

Asthma UK have made the following recommendations:

  • Stay indoors in and around any stormy weather.
  • Wash off and change clothes to remove pollen if you've been outside on a high pollen day.
  • Be aware of other asthma triggers and avoid those
  • Have your reliever inhaler close by and ready to use.
  • Keep any treatments you have for hay fever available
  • Avoid smoking or being around people who smoke.
  • Stay alert as to asthma signs and symptoms and take action accordingly.


Opus also recommend you make sure you:

  • Carry the appropriate inhaler(s)/ spacer or other device required by those who suffer with asthma.
  • Know the likely asthma triggers of the young person or person you support and understand the treatment prescribed.
  • Have appropriate supplies i.e. refill prescriptions in good time.
  • Know how to properly use asthma inhalers to the best effect (check out our Asthma & Inhalers Courses below).

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Ready to get started?