New PPE regulations

Back on the 21st April 2018, the EU’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation 2016/425 came into force.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are products that the user can wear or hold, in order to be protected against hazards either at home, at work or whilst engaging in leisure activities. Statistics on fatal and major work accidents underline the importance of protection and prevention, for which personal protective equipment plays a very important role.

The new regulation applies to not only manufacturers but also the whole supply chain. Everyone involved must ensure their PPE meets with the standard requirements, be it in the design, manufacture, marketing, supply or distribution of PPE.

If you are responsible for buying PPE, make sure that:

  • The product is CE marked;
  • It is supplied with instructions (in English)
  • it is accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity (or weblink where this can be found);

There are currently no changes to the law on the use of PPE at work.

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