National Minimum Data Set

Our partners at Skills for Care have provided us with a summary of the adult social care sector in West Sussex using the National Minimum Data Set and we want to share these stats with you...

  • in West Sussex there are an estimated 25700 jobs in adult social care. These are split between the statutory sector (5%), the independent sector (90%) and direct payments recipients (5%)
  • West Sussex contains 565 CQC registered services, which is 11% of those in the South East. We have proportionally more than most counties because of the large volume of people who retire here.
  • The average number of sickness days per employee in 2014 was 6 - or 154,200 across the county.
  • The staff turnover rate in care is 24.6% across the county.
  • 80% of the West Sussex care workforce are female.
  • The majority of the workforce in West Sussex were aged between 45 and 49, with an average age of 43.

These figures were correct as at January 2015.