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WeCare Communications


Tel: 0203 326 9495

Email: [email protected]

Exclusive offers for WSPiC Members!

We Care Communications are a corporate telecoms supplier, who cater for all types of businesses from start up to larger enterprise customers. They specifically have a very high level of expertise and success in the social care sector!

Want to know why We Care Communications is the perfect telecoms supplier to UK social care providers?

-Our management team collectively have decades of experience delivering mobile technology to care providers.
-We guarantee customers will only ever be invoiced for the contracted price – no extra charges, no messy cash-back.
-Flexible contract lengths (1, 12, 24 or 36 months) plus co-terminus contract periods for large deployments.
-One-stop shop for mobile connectivity (all four UK networks), mobile devices and mobile device management software.
-Specially created low-cost and truly unlimited tariffs – specifically designed for digital platform rollouts to care workers.