Symposium 2017: Believe and Achieve – How to Evidence Good and Outstanding Care

On Thursday 21st September 2017, West Sussex Partners in Care (WSPiC) will hold a one-day symposium in Worthing. There, care organisations will identify how best to comply with changes in the Care Quality Commissions’ (CQC) inspection process. The event aims to inform, share and discuss issues arising from modifications to the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLoE) used during inspections.

The symposium brings together social care, regulatory and legal professionals and is entitled ‘Believe and Achieve - How to Evidence Good and Outstanding Care’. It will offer delegates the opportunity to hear from CQC representatives on how refinements in the inspection process, better highlight good practice, seeking out the views and experiences of those using services delivered by care organisations in West Sussex.


The 2013 introduction of the five KLoE asked - Is this service and care provided SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CARING, RESPONSIVE and WELL-LED?  They provide a benchmark for the quality of care delivered and the rating subsequently given to providers. Tom Jameson, proprietor of Sussex Grange Care Home and Domiciliary Service suggests ‘In this day and age it is not good enough to simply provide good care - you also have to collect the evidence to prove it! The WSPiC Symposium will include innovative ideas to help providers deliver outstanding care, along with guidance on providing the evidence too’.

Delegates will discuss the inter-relationship between pre-inspection questionnaires (Provider Information Return) completion and demonstration of KLoE compliance. Led by regulatory experts, attendees will address each new form KLoE to identify how better to reflect the good/outstanding care delivered by their services.


The programme will also introduce a Self-Assessment Tool Framework developed in Sussex which supports KLoEs compliance in relation to staff development; and will identify how providers can appeal or challenge outcomes from the CQC’s inspection process when necessary. Up to 20 exhibitors including Apetito, are supporting this event and will be present to talk with delegates.

Places at the symposium can be booked via the WSPiC administrator (please email